Moses Morris. Photograph possibly around 1890.

Born 26th February 1845, married Margaret Williams (Wrexham 31st October 1870), died 16th March 1895 at Glynceiriog. Buried at Rhydycroesau.

Son of Thomas Morris, of whom we have no details.

In 1879, Moses and Margaret were living at Cefn Canol (precise address uncertain). In 1881 they were at Lower Cynynion, and Moses was listed as "farmer, carpenter and wheelwright" in the census. Kelly's Directory mentions "Moses Morris Cowkeeper" at Rhosygadfa.

According to Gwyneth Wexler's notes, Moses farmed two places at the same time - "Y Gornel (The Corner) anglicised to The Gornals and according to Leslie another name for Rhosygadfa. ... Moses Morris kept two places going, here and at Hafod Gynfor."

13 children, including:

All those marked with an asterisk were gathered at a family reunion in 1989.

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I (John Wexler, 1998) do not know where the original (left-hand version above) of this photograph is. The right-hand version shows a copy which Gwyneth Wexler has. It is in a rather unusual form: photographic emulsion on an opaque white glass base. The edges of the plate have been broken off, leaving a rough oval about 4x6cm, with the image in the centre. In the same form, there are photographs of Margaret Morris (I also have a better copy of that picture) and an unidentified Morris son. All three pictures were probably mounted together in some frame or ornament, some time around 1910-1920.

Click here for a full-sized image of the white glass plate version, or here for the unretouched original scan, which is a 12-bit greyscale TIFF file.