Gathering after Rene's funeral, at Janet and John's house in Caterham:
left to right: Patrick (son) and his wife, Arnold Wexler, Maldwyn and Pat (cousins), unidentified, Barry (son) and his wife, John Kimber and Janet, two more unidentified
seated: Maidie (sister-in-law, wife of one of Ernest's brothers), Gwen, Myfanwy (who hosted family gathering), and (?) two of Patrick's daughters.

Rene was the wife of Ernest, one of the sons of John Thomas Morris.

Barry, Patrick and Janet (Kimber) are their three children.

Pat is the daughter of Emrys, one of Ernest's brothers; Maldwyn is her husband.

Myfanwy is the wife of Ewart, another of Ernest's brothers.

Gwen is Ernest's sister.

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